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9 Jan 2017
Ed Sheeran Shape Of You Cover
One thing that impressed me most about Ed is his outright honesty. There was a discussion concerning the music video for his song "Photograph" from his latest album. He was asked about what contribution he earned to the final editing for that video and he answered "absolutely nothing whatsoever." He mentioned that his dad caused the director and contributed to the process. As you can tell not just was Ed's honesty noteworthy but also his character in giving his dad credit for helping within the production of the recording.

Shape Of You Castle On The Hill

When it comes to his songwriting he said that it is the thing he likes to do most. He mentioned that he doesn't write an audio lesson for it to be a success. He writes it to express his feelings about sad things that have became of him or things in his life that didn't exercise as he had planned. He feels that the song story attracts the general public since they can keep company with similar stuff that happen to them in their lives.

On another subject Ed mentioned it doesn't make a difference if a singer is not glamorous making up. He said that several singing stars he knows such as Paul McCartney, Elton John and Adele are rather average looking people in the celebrity world of makeup and glamour. When it comes to Adele she doesn't try to look different but she's got incredible music and that's what people buy into, not her looks. The general public can connect with her song's story because it discusses things that average looking folks understand.

Interestingly Ed has stated that he doesn't have fun with an active band. He admits that it is important for him to possess control of everything whenever possible. His music is programmed. The reason is if he wants to interrupt his song play to change to something else it is possible easier using the program music compared to a live band or orchestra. He is not ruling out having an active band or orchestra as well as the present he wants it the way that it is.

Since i am an incurable romantic my most favorite song from his recent album is titled "Thinking Aloud." I was amazed through the beautiful lyrics that Ed sings with that romantic ballad.


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